You look beautiful

You look beautiful

Wearing make up?

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  1. Ugh, so true!!! My favorite is when I’m browsing Instagram or some other waste of time social networking site and girls post pictures of themselves and caption it “no makeup, just woke up face”, when it is VERY clear they are wearing makeup. Kills me!!

  2. Odds are I’m really not wearing makeup. This might be why I don’t get the random “Wow. You’re pretty”‘s from people 🙂

    1. LOL Tori!

      Don’t say that 🙂 Its not you, its them.

      haha :p


  3. I always try to wear makeup because when I don’t people still think I’m in high school. Last time I did this in public I got asked to Homecoming and I had to tell the dude I was 26. Secret Grandma!

    1. Hahahahahaha! You’re way too funny!

  4. I think I’d just blush, and say, ” gee thanks, you’re very kind” or something like that. But I’ll never say, I’m not wearing make-up. (^__^)”

  5. So true! While getting complimented is nice, it is also rather awkward. Because if you respond with ‘Yes, I know I’m beautiful’ you’ll frequently sound like a prat

    1. Compliments ARE awkward..

      1. I’ve been meaning to write about how awkward it is to respond to compliments! I always say something dumb and corny!

        1. Oh yes, I’m sure you won’t have a tough time finding content haha.. way awkward.

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