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I know, its a feature that stops people hating on your blog from going public. YouTube is like the ghetto area of the internet; in there, anything goes. Rebecca Black knows what I’m talking about. Am I right? Am I right?!

Ok that was messed up. Sorry.

I am definitely against bullying of all kinds, and I’m all for moderating comments.. but I always feel awkward when I leave a short comment on one of your blogs and it gives me that message. It almost feels like leaving a really small tip at a restaurant and then making eye contact with the server. It is just uncomfortable for everyone.

Of course sometimes people feel like its Christmas with those emails that tell us that a comment is waiting to get moderated, so we sit there on our desks with our cup of coffee and grab the mouse while deciding if certain comments have the requirements to be on our blogs. Then we feel all important when we get to click “Approve.”

I felt so strange, that I started digging through the setting here on WordPress and found out how to remove it. In fact, if you log out and check out this blog, you’ll probably see a little note somewhere that says that nothing, not even a comment, is required to comment on any post in this place (just go with it, guys). Maybe I should go back to moderating comments though..

I miss clicking “Approve”.


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